Next Weekend

Due to the uncertainty of today’s world and COVID-19 Pandemic, we have cancelled the planned weekend in 2020 and are hopeful for a 2021 weekend.

Message from the Secretariat

Greetings Friends,

It is with hopefulness for the future that I write this letter to announce that we will be postponing     “The Way Today” weekend this October.  Yes, hopefulness!  Hopefulness that this pandemic will peak and flatten, and dissipate. That we will have learned something about how to fight it, how to be more prepared as individuals and as a nation, and how to value and care for those who care for us!  That we will have been reminded that God is with us even in the ugliest of times, and that we will have seen His mercy and love through all of this. That is my hope. 

As we continue to discern our transition to The Way Today from a traditional Cursillo model, my hope is that this extra time will ensure that we are moving prayerfully and positively toward the future.    

For now we are staying at home, washing our hands, praying for the world, virtually attending church services all over the world, keeping our children occupied (if not educated!), caring for the sick, hungry and needy, mourning our losses and appreciating our lives – each day a bit more than we did the day before!

Watch the website this summer and fall for updates.

May you be healthy and blessed. 

The Secretariat.

Report on Return to the Mountain

Missi Doyle leading one of the discussion segments

A group of about 18 meet on the weekend of October 18-20 to discuss Cursillo’s future. As you can see from above we have a 2020 weekend planed. The results of the weekend have been summarized and can be found at the link below.

Details are at RttM Page