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October 18-20 201,9


…to motivate and encourage Cursillistas to join in the work to breathe new life into the Colorado Episcopal Cursillo Ministry (ECM)

  • To refresh and renew participants with prayer, song , joy, thoughtfulness, and hope, and to inspire participants to share Cursillo in their individual environments
  • To lay the groundwork for Cursillo’s future by:
    • Sharing and discussing the current challenges facing Cursillo and Colorado ECM
    • Using that information to envision how Colorado ECM can thrive in a changed world
    • Collaborating together to create a plan of action for Cursillo and Colorado ECM’s future to inspire participants to involve themselves more fully in the activities of Cursillo and Colorado ECM

Additional Information

This ‘Return to the Mountain’ (RtM) weekend will be very informal compared to a candidate weekend. Tell us with whom you would like to room if you have a preference (2 beds per room). Matching choices should show on both applications.

There is no need for much of the usual Cursillo activities or frills… including: Palanca, rollos, table placards, the trailer, lanyard making, new nametags (wear your cross and the nametag from your favorite past weekend!), stations of the cross, Mananitas or Los Flores, Fourth Day folks (we are them!) guardian angels and wards, handbooks, or foot washing. At this Return to the Mountain weekend, we will all serve each other.

There will be no ‘official’ roles (team, candidates, rollistas, kitchen angels etc.). … There will be facilitators for breakout sessions, but YOU are the ones who will run the discussions! Everyone will bring something (a snack, paper goods, soda, beer, wine) to share (there will be a sign-up sheet).

Our music will be organized by Joe Owens and anyone wanting to play or sing is asked to bring your instrument (that includes voices!)

*** Questions? Contact Sue Richardson at suerich9@comcast.net or 303-522-8029

*** The weekend fee will be $150. Financial assistance will be available if needed.


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